Lake Huron Diving Excursions in the 'Thumb Area Bottomland Preserve',  'Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve', 'Thunder Bay Underwater Preserve' and along the 'Sunrise Coast'.  Lake Michigan Diving at 'Straits of Mackinac Underwater Preserve'. Come dive the Clear Blue Waters of Michigan's Great Lakes for the finest shipwreck diving to be had from late May to October.

All Seasons Diving Company

Shared Cost Excursions

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Launching for a Night Dive
Our Boat is a hardtop Thompson built rugged for the Great Lakes.  It meets rigid safety requirements and passed thorough inspection by the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources and USCG Aux.  It is a well found vessel for six passengers, crew member & Captain. It has a 1st aid kit and oxygen aboard, along with an enclosed private head, enclosed cabin & heater.  It has an easy boarding dive ladder. It is outfitted by divers for divers with bench seating.  The Capt'n and crew are experienced divers, medically trained  in 1stAid  / CPR / AED and are trained oxygen providers.


Harbors and Shipwreck Dive Sites

Lexington Harbor: Regina 80 ffw, Sport 50 ffw, Canisteo 98 ffw, Strong 27 ffw, John Breden 55 ffw, Price 60 ffw, Queen City 60 ffw, City of Genoa 60 ffw, Petrified Stumps 45 ffw, Wexford 75'

Port Sanilac: Mary Alice B. 95 ffw, Col Williams 85 fw, Northstar 101 ffw, New York 127 ffw, Checotah 127 ffw, Gardner 55 ffw

Harbor Beach: Arctic 135 ffw, Goliath 105 ffw, Dundenburg 136-161* ffw, Glenorchy 115 ffw, McGean* 160-199 ffw, Defiance* 145 ffw, Chickamaga 30 ffw, Minnedosa 210 ffw*,  King 210 ffw *

Grindstone/Port Austin: Philadelphia 133 ffw, Albany 140 ffw*,  Iron Chief 135 ffw*, EP Door* 185 ffw, Morrell* Bow 85-203 ffw, Morrell* Stern 210 ffw, Fred Lee* 210 ffw, Anna Dobbins 84 ffw, Dump Barge/Scow 77 ffw, Troy 98 ffw, City of Detroit176 ffw, Detroit* 180 ffw, Neilsen* 190 ffw, Gov. Smith* 180 ffw, others

Straits of Mackinaw / Cheboygan: William Barnum 58-75 ffw, Cayuga 75-102' ffw, Cedarville 40-106'ffw, Eber Ward 111-143' ffw, Colonel Ellsworth 80 ffw, Fred McBrier 96-104' ffw, Maitland 85' ffw, Minneapolis 124' ffw, Newell Eddy* 165' ffw, Northwest 75' fffw, Rock Maze 10-35' ffw, Sandusky 70-85' ffw, Martin Stalker 85' ffw, St. Andrew 62' ffw,  William Young 120' ffw, others

* Indicates Technical Dive limit of 4 Divers with Equipment / Considerations. 



Days End
Capt'n Tom, BS, AASc,  thirteenth generation of American and Canadian Professional Seafarers, Fishermen, Voyageurs, Great Lakes & Ocean Captains, Fishing / Hunting Guides, Fish & Game Wardens, RiverJacks, French Town Marsh Runners, Glouchestermen & Raccoon Creek Women, Clamdiggers, Treasure Hunters, Smugglers, Freebooters and Rum Runners... Prior Training or credentialed & experienced as:  a USCG Licensed US Merchant Marine Master GLIS-Cont, Diver Medical Technician-Advanced, Hyperbaric Medical Technician (15,095+ supervised dives), Hyperbaric Safety Officer, Advanced Cardiac Life Support-ACLS Trained, Advanced Burn Life Support-ABLS, Pediatric Advanced Life Support-PALS, PreHospital Trauma Life Support Advanced-PHTLSA, Basic Trauma Life Support-BTLSA, Neonatal Resuscitation Provider-NRP, Experienced Offshore & Remote MPIC (Medical Person In Charge) Paramedic AEMT, (Oil Patch) Ships Medic PE (Physcian Extender...Doc), Wilderness Medical Associates Trained WEMT, SOLO Wilderness First Aid Trained, BCLS / CPR / AED Instructor, First Aid Instructor, Scuba Master Instructor Emeritus (20 Dive Specialties), Formerly Alaska Licensed MICP Paramedic (Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic), Former SCUBA Instructor Assistant Trainer, DAN / DES (Dive Emergency Specialist), DAN Aquatic Injuries Instructor, DAN Oxygen Provider Instructor, DiveMaster, Mixed Gas Blender, Nitrox Blender, Advanced Nitrox, Trimix Extended Range 300' certified, NSS/CDS & NACD Full Cave Diver Certified, SAR Trained, Marine Emergencies & Rescue Trained, Helicopter Landing Zone Preparation & Experience, Helicopter Medical Flight Training & Experience, Offshore Water Survival / HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) Trained & Tornado Storm Spotter. He has been diving over 27 years (2014+ logged dives) and has a lifetime of boat handling experience since age 3. His crew Travis is an Advanced Diver CPR/AED/Medic First Aid. Our Divemasters Mike, Larry, Mark, Greg & Glenn are highly proficient divers (Trimix, Nitrox, Deep Air, River, Wreck) with hundreds of dives each along with a myriad of other skills and are really great people, fun to be around... and it couldn't be done without them. We occasionaly have Substitute Pilots running the Boat.   

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Technical considerations include one set doubles or rebreather per diver, stage deco limited to 2 tanks / diver, Four Tech divers per trip. Five if all using rebreather.  Proof of Tech Certification & Log is a must. Master Level Recompression Insurance is a must and Medical Insurance is strongly recommended.  Don't leave home without proof of certification & insurance and bring them along to the boat to sign in.. 

Tech Cost: $ 125-$150 ($550 boat for typical 1/2 day group) suggested shared cost per diver..costs depend on several variables.
(Higher out of  Alpena / Mackinaw and Points North plus travel expense based on costs are considered earned if boat arrives at port)
to dive within 10 miles of port. Total Tech dive time and water travel time is limited to 5 hours unless otherwise arranged. Mixed gas can be arranged. Pack tight and light, with your gear in dive bags. Large Scooters and UW sleds count as a diver (check on this) as scooters the size of a tank may be allowed...for a small over cost.  Minimum of 2 tech Divers.

Recreational Dive suggested shared costs per diver to 132 ffw from (shared costs vary) :
$80($320 boat)  out of Lexington,
$85 ($340 boat)  out of Port Sanilac,
$100 ($400 boat)  out of Harbour Beach, Grindstone or Port Austin,  
$110+ travel for Points North
How is this an advantage over a charter, you may ask...well, bring 3 tanks or 4, if there is room, time and inclination by consensus, safety, cost and subject to Captn's say, you can dive until you are wrinkled...but not bent. Benefit is if you dove this trip on the previous day with me and transport costs are already paid then shared cost drops to cost of day gas and allowable miscellaneous costs.  I am thrilled when a diver brings me a large coffee and sausage egg cheeze biscuit (or 2) for breakfast, sub sandwich and diet pop for lunch. And there are burgers and brews either over the barbecue or later at the local tavern. I hope.

(Summer shared costs)  for 1 or 2 dives, maybe 3 or 4, dives per diver depending on Port of Departure, available Saturday and Sunday.  Friday or Saturday evening Night Dives (about 7 pm) $ 35 single tank if in same port arranged in advance or at last minute if you can talk the skipper and deck scallywags into it. Weekday dives & Holidays (arranged in advance) are CURRENTLY offered.. email.  Pack tight and light with gear in dive bags. Bring Your C-Card, LOGBOOK...DAN Insurance, or like, is suggested. Minimum of 2 divers. Rescue Come2Me or small lift bag, small light or strobe are Strongly recommended equipment. 
Whole Boat shared cost diving with me is available for half days, days, weekends or weekends including Friday and/or Saturday Nights. A C-card & Logbook required.  Everyone must sign a liability release agreement prior to boarding. Dives leave 7:30 am usually returning about 12:30, out again about 1:30 pm returning about 6pm weekends, unless otherwise arrangedWEEKDAY dives are CURRENTLY available (email).  All dives must be arranged in advance. Walk-on divers are welcome to fill the Boat and share in the cost. (email) All equipment is the divers responsibility. DAN Dive Insurance (or other agency) is strongly suggested.   Minimum suggested recreational shared cost boat rate is $320 per 1/2 day (minimum suggested Tech Dive rate is $400 per 1/2 day) UNLESS THE BOAT IS ALREADY IN THAT PORT THEN IT IS PER DIVER calculated costs or more depending on Port (figure the minimum at 4 divers x port suggested cost) and maybe fuel surcharges. A deposit is required to cover transport costs...NO-SHOWS risk ANY MONEY given. 1/2 deposit of suggested cost to get the boat to port, balance is due, meaning in my hand, 18 days prior to dive...Please and Thank You. Out of USA, 100% up front to dive, sorry too many cheque cashing problems.
Cancellation of dive or dives due to Bad weather, High Seas, Dive conditions, Equipment malfunction, Illness or Injury of any participant, Dive safety, Crew or Participant safety or other cancellation at the Captn's call will be rescheduled (the dive not the causal factor...we hope).  This means if the boat arrives at distant port or leaves the dock any perceived obligation you believe exists of ASDC, or me, to you has been met.  Whether you received any or all dives or not.  This means no refunds, you will however be given a "raincheck" and/or other consideration for future use. This is industry standard. I am very fair in this regard  We want to enjoy this too...but safely.  Shipboard protocol and law precludes assailing the helm and/or threatening the crew.   

Some of the Scallywag Crew the others are somewhere about.

Bless us with calm seas, blue water if you please, a clear sky, a bright star to steer by...and a boatload of friendly divers who are not very early risers, with cash for gas in hand. Amen.   

 I am running things a bit different this year folks.  I want to do more diving and fishing.  Diving and Fishing are not going to be run as charters but rather as shared cost excursions, with me sharing the costs.   I hope to spend more time on the water over the next years.  During Winter maybe we can put together some trips down to Mexico or some place warm for some diving & fishing...and maybe Treasure Hunting!!!

Any outstanding gift certificates or coupons from All Seasons Diving Company Inc will be honored by me personally for this year.  We will be running like a "Company of Divers" over "All the Seasons"  which is where the name originated
Any outstanding advertising speaking of charters is hereby changed to "Excursions"  meaning a pleasurable outing among friends.  Everything will be run on a shared cost basis hence forth.  Bottom line...I have a boat and I am looking for diving buddies and fishing friends. 

FISHING from late April to October...If you can talk the Capt'n and scallywags into dragging some lures behind the boat. MI DNR Law now requires fishermen to supply their own bait from LOCAL waters.  This is not a charter it is by shared cost donation for gas, coffee, a sub sandwich and sodas are a delight and maybe stand me to dinner and brews. 

Speargun fishing may be allowed if in season and you have the proper Michigan Licenses and you know what fish you can spear. Utmost care of speargun is mandated. Shoot the wrong fish you pay the fines. Shoot yourself...don't bleed on my deck. Shoot the Boat and you have a larger problem. Shoot the Crew, fellow divers or Captn and you had best hope you can swim home.

Fuel Surcharges (an additional need factored) $5 to $10+ per diver...varies by Port of Departure & other factors (Distance to Port, distance to wrecks and price at the pump) are incurred when fuel costs surge or distances are far. I am reasonable and very fair about this unknown, which unfortunately can only be determined the day of sailing.


If I am already in a Port I am easy to convince to put out onto the waters, sometimes for a reduced shared cost or just to go fishing. Tentative Schedule Below...I could be in that port or not.  
June 21/22        Lexington
July   1 -7           Pt Sanilac
July   25-27       PT Sanilac
Aug   1-4           TBA
Aug   8-11         TBA
Aug   15-17       TBA
Aug   22-24       TBA
Sept 5-8             Lexington
Sept 26/29        Lexington 

Everything on this site is subject to change based on any number of reasons, including my whim... I endevour to be reasonable and fair in these regards. I reserve the right of refusal for any reason including unsafe practices. 

One never knows when Government will impose new fees neither do we and of course that cost is passed on to us...not by our liking.
Call and/or leave message...currently voice messages (and sometimes calls) CANNOT be received when Boat is in the Waters of the Thumb and Northern Harbors. We are hoping the phone company will fix this. Voice Mail Cancellations are not must speak with the Skipper to arrange rescheduling. Ditto for email as the same situation exists. Sometimes depending on WiFi I can check internet.
Soft sole shoes, wind proof jacket, fleece, sunglasses, hat, soft drinks or water in non-glass containers are suggested. Keep gear packed light and tight and to a minimum!
No firearms allowed onboard.

Weather is not always kindly to divers and has been known to frown on the best of dive plans...Your Capt'n is a trained and experienced diver. His decisions on weather conditions, dive sites and any matters pertaining to the vessel, crew, divers or diving are final. Conditions or situations may preclude specific dives. By diving with us All Divers expressly assume all responsibility for their own dives.

We aim to enjoy with you the best diving experience offered on the Lakes. Come...Dive...Enjoy. All said, its supposed to be fun!